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I know...I´m late. My LJ sux :o(
Damn....I´m so tired of everything after this week. I started uni on Monday. I´m totally confused, don´t understand most of the things I have to arrange for this semester....everything is so complicated! *sighs* I´m so so so tired...I think I´ve reached the point that I´m too tired to even sleep. The next week is going to be just like this one. May be worse. Great...*cries* I don´t even have enough time for studying because the Extrafilms agency called me that I´ m going to play lady of the court in the movie Henry IV. I just couldn´t say no...I need money for some books.

I took some pictures during the first filming on Wednesday so take a look if you want...:o)Collapse )


WOW! Miracles happen! My LJ is working again (after 7 weeks)!!!! I want to apologize to everyone on my friends list that I didn´t answer to any of their posts for such a long time. Everytime I wanted to post an answer it took forever and well, I´m not a patient person when it comes to computers.

About the trip to Monza....I think that nikunena, icie and giggling_marlin had already told everything so there is no need to say more. :o) I will try to post some pics later.

Well, nothing interesting happened during those 7 weeks. I´m starting at uni next week and I´m a bit nervous about it. Don´t know why....O_o Spent most of these weeks trying to arrange all dokuments I need for winter semester.
But great thing is that the Extrafilms agency called me again. I´m going to play jewish girl from Osvetim...

I think I should mention Singapore GP. I didn´t watch the first part of the GP cause me and mum took our dogs for a long walk but after we returned, I saw this on Seznam.cz - "Alonso is leading the second half of Singapore GP". I couldn´t belive my eyes! The last laps were sooooo nerve wrecking!. It was fantastic to see Fernando sooooo happy. And that look on his face when the anthems were played, the tears of happiness in his eyes...It was such a touching moment *huggles Fernando*

Aug. 9th, 2008

Ow! Ow! Ow! I hate sunburns!

Yesterday, I finished my week of my archaeological summer job....it was fun, great people there, beautiful deposit, but that damn sun burned every  place of my body  that wasn´t covered with clothes....legs, arm, back, face. *cries* I can´t even go out now because I would scare people to death with my purple face....just great. *pouts*

I was looking for some pics of Rafa from Olympic games this morning.....look what I found:oD

Jul. 21st, 2008

I don´t know why I let my sister talk me into visiting my father with her. I didn´t seen him for  almost 1 year and I have to confess, he was the last person I wanted to see. I´m really naive cause I thought it´s going to be a nice weekend with my sister at my father´s beautiful old mill. I really wanted to spend some time with her,  but my father has to spoil everything....he got drunk and  kept insulting my mother and her family. Then I found out my two step brothers probably doesn´t know I ´m their sister. I know my father doesn´t like me much but I didn´t expect him to keep this from them. I don´t understand it....is he ashamed of me so much or what?  *sighs*

The only nice thing there was the mill....it´s beautiful. Here are some



I really hate LJ sometimes...I could´t post anything for almost 7 weeks! Don´t know why...

BUT...I´m sooooooooo happy!!! I just found out that I´m accepted to The Charles University - Archaeology!!!!!!! I can´t belive it! *dances around*

I sorry that I forgot to tell you icie and giggling_marlin ...our tickets arrived ten days ago....
aren´t they lovely? :oDCollapse )
AND...I can´t forget my new lovely laptoplaptopCollapse )



My final exams are over! Finally!!!!! I think I´m going to get drunk now...

Dostala jsem i vyznamenani...to nepochopim...:oDDD
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, miranda_skye !!!!! I hope you have a great day and that all your wishes come true today.:o)



I think I have never been soooooo tired like today. The reason of this is that I went to another shooting with Extrafilms yesterday. We were shooting a promo with Lenny Kravitz! I´m so lucky!! It was really, really hard to jump up and down, scream or run for almost 20 hours but it was fabulous! Especially the part when Lenny was singing " It Is Time For A Love Revolution" and we were, of course, jumping up and down and  screaming like crazy . Then he stepped down from the podium and started dancing and singing with us who were in a front line! It was fantastic! I can´t believe that I got paid just for having so much fun there!:oD Well...sometimes it was really exhausting and I even managed to cut my palm badly when we were running in one scene but I really loved this shooting!

I even found one video from the shooting on YouTube...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6PF4w_2ITk

Well...the fun is over...I have to go back to studying for those damn final exams...*sighs*

Apr. 20th, 2008

Great. Just great! A day before my practical final exams I got a damn flu! Why?! It´s not fair! And, of course, we will have to spend 12 hours in a lab tomorrow. *cries*


I´m too tired to write more...but I will post some picsCollapse )

from Vienna where I was last week...


MemeCollapse )
stolen from nikunena